If we are to consider the case of managed VPS, it is a choice for those who do not want to spend that much time in the administrator section of your server. Since JimatHosting is already taken care of the support from web-hosting service, you can completely forget about updates and patches. However, to get all these features, you will have to pay something more, which is quite obvious and reasonable.

On the other hand, unmanaged Virtual Private Servers are for those who seek an optimum level of customizability and have the ability to learn and expand. Nevertheless, an unmanaged VPS needs to be an expert on server management, as you’ll have to take care of upgrading, security patches and all. However, when compared to managed hosting, pricing and plans for unmanaged VPS are quite low. So, if you have enough time to spend and have expertise in server management, an unmanaged Virtual Private Server is a great solution to go for.